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Conveyancing services

Our firm offers conveyancing services. We prepare the deeds and documents required by law and custom to effect transfer and registration in the deed’s registry.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Advising, negotiating and drafting agreements of lease, Offer/s To Purchase/Contract of Sale of Immovable Property, Contract of Sale of Immovable Property in Instalments, Donations and other agreements incidental to conveyancing transactions
  • Sectional Title Transfers
  • Conventional Title Transfers
  • Transfers resulting from deceased estates, auctions, foreclosures, donations, court orders, insolvent estates and liquidations
  • Registration of Mortgage Bonds
  • Cancellation of Mortgage Bonds
  • Subdivision and consolidation of properties
  • Miscellaneous applications e.g. endorsements, consents
  • Township establishment and sectional title developments

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