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Commercial & Corporate Law

We offer our clients comprehensive knowledge and experience
in corporate and commercial law which is accentuated by our
impressive track record over a number of years.


Compliance & Regulatory Law

Our up-to-date knowledge and successful application of
Public and Regulatory Law allows us to assist our clients in
the following areas:


Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our clients in the field of Dispute Resolution and Litigation include
Transnet SOC Ltd, Pep Stores Pty Ltd, One Connect Pty Ltd and
Pan African Asset Management Pty Ltd.

Labour & Employment Law

Our wealth of experience in arbitrations at the CCMA,
as well as the Labour Court, places us in an ideal position to
successfully assist our clients.

Intellectual Property Law

MBA Incorporated assists clients with the protection of their
intellectual property, which includes but is not limited to,
copyrights and trademarks.

Administrative, Public & Constitutional Law

Administrative, public and constitutional law concern the
State in all its glory, including but not limited to it making decisions,
promulgating laws and exercising it's public power.

Information Communication Technology & Telecommunications Law

We live in an information age that revolves around ever-changing technologies born from globalisation. This requires legal teams (such as that of MBA Incorporated) to be dynamic and creative in their approach in this field of the law.

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